Sunday, 5 February 2017

Free Stuff: Remnants of War

Blades in the Dark version 8 (AKA "Release") came out this week and I've been insanely excited about it. The new rules are fantastic to read, and I'm excited to get back to running it (which is next week, I believe).

In the mean time, I've cooked up a mini-supplement called Remnants of War which focuses on the Unity War from the setting - a war fought between the frozen state of Skovlan, and the rest of the Empire, which lasted either 36-years, or 102-years, depending on how you count these things...

The supplement features a new Crew type: Legionnaires, as well as detailing the Imperial Military as a faction, and giving a few new bits of gear for military types, including ghostly weapons, Faraday Armor, and grenades.

(Image from the Imperial War Museums, edited by me.)

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