Thursday, 9 May 2013

Much Has Changed...

This is an update post, just letting you all know what has changed in my life over the last week (heaps) and letting you know that regular posts will commence again from Saturday onwards. I will do other posts soon regarding several of the points listed below, but I just wanted to take the time to air it all at once.
This is what Qantm does to us.
First up, I finished Qantm Trimester 4. Well, not really. I still have an exam tomorrow, but I am not fussed about it over much. All the hard work is gone and done. Which means...

Chorehammer, a chore management card game that me and three friends were developing was finished today, printed, cut and submitted! I will definitely post more about this later, and intend to show some of the work should my co-creators give their consent.

Also, Light, which I've spoken about before, is now 100% complete and will be submitted tomorrow. I've also been in discussion with my good friend over at Bring It With Nadia, and we may be doing a little bit of press release for it. Which should be interesting!

And, finally, last but not least, my cohort and I got accepted for our preferred rental property! AND WE'RE MOVING WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS! Many of those I am moving with are in my RPG group, and are all gamers (and several are Qantm students, too), so I will be doing a lot more gaming, a lot more work, and have a lot more to talk about! I haven't discussed this with them, yet, but as most of them read my blog they are about to find out...

...I intend to ask them to co-write some stuff for versamus!

Things are looking up, and much has changed indeed!