Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blogging WFRP A-to-Z: N is for Nagash

If one were to ask: Who is the villain of the Old World? Many would reply with “Archaon”. This is, however, an incorrect answer. Archaon is merely a vessel for the Chaos Gods, primordial and elemental forces that are opposed to Order and common conceptions of civilisation. They are not evil, and the Empire is not good. They are merely polar opposites on a Lawful-Chaotic spectrum. Therefore, one might point to the Orks or the Skaven and their respective leaders. Again, they are merely opposing ideals.

The answer would be: Nagash, first and greatest of Necromancers.

Born in ancient Nehekhara, Nagash was a noble son who fell in with the respected Mortuary Cult (servants of the Lord of the Dead who served to ready royal corpses for burial). He became obsessed with death and the avoidance of it, and, after encountering (and torturing) several Dark Elf sorcerers, he learned the secrets of Dhar and of the power of Warpstone. Armed with the diabolical knowledge, he cursed the lands of Nehekhara and the Old World by unleashing the race of Vampires on them. He became the first liche and reduced the cradle of human civilisation to a home for the undead…

However, he was caste out from his own home and, after several forays against the Skaven, was eventually destroyed by a baleful Aethyric blade. This, however, was not the end. Nagash has died and resurrected numerous times, fighting Skaven, Chaos and even the God King Sigmar Heldenhammer!

His spirit rests currently, but who knows when next this foul monster will arise…